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Attached is my book cover and a short description of the book. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Thank you very much.I am happy to be a member of PnP authors promotions.

Ron Yates
Book Synopsis:

Billy Battles is definitely not in Kansas anymore.  

 As Book 2 of the Finding Billy Battles trilogy opens, Billy is far from his Kansas roots and his improbable journeys are just beginning.

 The year is 1894 and Billy is aboard the S S China sailing to the Inscrutable Far East. Trouble is not far behind. He has met a mysterious, dazzling, and possibly dangerous German Baroness. He has locked horns with malevolent agents of the German government and battled ferocious Chinese and Malay pirates in the South China Sea.

 Later, he is embroiled in the bloody anti-French insurgency in Indochina–which quite possibly makes him the first American combatant in a country that eventually will become Vietnam. Then, in the Philippines, he is thrust into the Spanish-American War and the brutal anti-American insurgency that follows.

 But Billy’s troubles are just beginning. As the 19th century ends and the 20th century begins, he finds himself entangled with political opportunists, spies, revolutionaries and an assortment of malevolent and dubious characters of both sexes. How will Billy handle those people and the challenges they present? Read on. . .